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About us

Evolving from the garage lab to an international wellness company, Energenetix LLC ™ is a new kind of research company…one focused on outcomes.

Our research efforts stem from an understanding that the human system is more than a collection of biochemical reactions. For more than 22 years Energenetix founders have explored the deeper side of quantum health. With participating wellness coaches and clients in more than 17 countries, our model recognizes the need to expedite pipeline developments. We accomplish this by avoiding unnecessary classifications associated with the cumbersome requirements imposed on medical devices with specific intended use parameters.

Accordingly, Energenetix limits its representations to the development of technologies and supplements intended to enhance general health. Our scientists have made remarkable progress in the development of proprietary solutions, innovatively designed to resolve the following:

  1. Bio-Electric Depletion
  2. Oscillatory Disequilibrium

Our principal research pertains to optimizations of human health in the following areas:

  1. Energy Metabolism
  2. Bio Photons
  3. Magnetic Fields
  4. Quantum Electrodynamics
  5. Radio Frequency
  6. Water
  7. Wave Genetics
  8. Oxygen
  9. Detox
  10. Nutrition

Energenetix primary purpose in developing technologies has always been to develop new ways to generate superior outcomes. We have leveraged years of expertise in the field of integrative biophysics to develop new ways of thinking about human health. It’s more about thinking outside of the box. It’s about removing limitations by destroying the box all together!